a) Door Lock

• Easy installation on all kind of door: wood, glass, metal, etc.

• Indoor use only.

• Inside unblocking system for emergencies.

• Solid and durable body.

b) Remote Control

• Easy operation through clear division of opening / closing.

• Audible alarm to verify each opening / closing.

• Register of a maximum of 16 remote controls in each lock.

• Link an unlimited number of locks with each remote control.

• Anticopy encryption system with rolling code.


• Operation distance: within 5 m (according to the characteristics of the installation).

c) Alarm to replace the batteries

• When the battery power is low, LED light warns that change is necessary and the closing operation is blocked.

Technical specifications

a) Door Lock

• Size (L x W x H): 95 x 150 x 39 mm.

• Weight: 580 g.

• Batteries: 2 x AA alkaline.

• Battery life span: 6 months based upon 20 times per day (time before battery switches notification alarm). Battery life depends on usage.

• Operation temperature: -20ºC - 60ºC (condition without freezing and dew condensation).

• Operation humidity: 5% - 80% (condition without dew condensation).

b) Remote Control

• Weight: 20 g.

• Batteries: 1 x Lithium button CR 2032.

• Battery life span: 12 months based upon 20 times per day. Battery life depends on usage.

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